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  After entering the Ashram premises of ‘Ma Ganga Uttam Shanti Arti Seva Samiti, the grand scene of congregation worshiping the Goddess Mother Ganga enchanted me. I got wonderful inspiration seeing the purity and integrity of the Ashram. This ashram is inspiring Truth seekers and serving people by spreading true spirituality through the teachings of Kriyayoga Meditation, art of balance living and teaching the underlying unity of all great religions. My best wishes that this ashram will shed its light to establish true universal hood and spirituality.

Shrimati Keshari Devi Patel
(MP Phoolpur Bhartiya Janta Party, Prayagraj)
The amazing confluence of Indian Heritage “Sanatan Dharma” and “True Spirituality” through the Ashram will bring such a spiritual revolution that India will attain its highest glory as Mother India, serving the whole world. I assure you that I will help the ashram in the best possible way.

Shree Ghanshyam Dubey
(Former Principle PG College Handia & Founder Upardaha Degree College, Handia Prayagraj).
  Divine Souls come on earth as saviors of mankind whose life and unlimited efforts are dedicated in reforming the society and nation which brings great influences on the life of others. Such is the personality of Swami Shree Yogmataji. After meeting her, I experienced a profound peace and great spiritual strength. It is my hope that Swami Shree Yogmataji will do historical work on the strength of her renounced austerity and spiritual power. This will serve the public well.

Shree Ashok Kumar Singh
(Ex. Honourable Secretary High Court Bar Association Prayagraj)
My infinite wishes and all possible supports will always linger for the Ashram that I visited here. India is the land of sages and renunciation and austerity. Swami Shree Yogmataji’s divine efforts towards humanity and spiritual service will provide the highest service to the nation and the entire human race. Wishing Yogmataji wholeheartedly.

Shree America Singh
(District Judge, Prayagraj)
  The programs originate and illuminate the Sanatan culture and spiritual tradition of Saints and Sages in the Ashram. We all the sadhus congratulates Swami Shree Yogmata and wish her that through her spiritual service there will be wide spread of spirituality and India will achieve its glory.

Swami Hridayanand Sadaphal Ashram,
On the auspicious occasion of the inauguration ceremony of ‘Ma Ganga Uttam Shanti Arti Seva Samiti’ Goddess Ganga blesses all the devotees and practitioners of Kriyayoga Meditation. Kriyayoga as guided by Swami Shree Yogmataji shows how we can create for ourselves a life of spiritual integrity, serenity, simplicity experiencing ever blissful state of union with God.

Shrimati Renu Singh
(Teacher and Social Worker)
  Through ‘Ma Ganga Uttam Shanti Arti Seva Samiti’ established by Swami Shree Yogmataji, the dignity and glory of Prayagraj will expand and will give the highest service to the society. I assure that my full dedication and cooperation will always remain with you. Ma Ganga is the source of inspiration for all of us, while expanding the true nature of Hindutva which is called Sanatan Dharma will be a fourfold extension of Infinite. My best wishes for the bright future of the Ashram.

Shree Ashish Singh
Vice President Vishwa Hindu Parishad,
Through the expansion of Kriyayoga Meditation, India’s name will illuminate on the world’s stage. My well from wishes and all possible support are always with Swami Shree Yogmataji to keep getting such progress. You are a blessing and inspiration for all of us.

Shree Neeraj Kumar Singh
(Social Worker)
  The supernatural realization of manifesting the ultimate serene state in the form of divine awakening gave me eternal peace. The inner Ganges and the imposing Ganges merged into a grand confluence and spiritual pilgrimage in the inner sanctum adorning the serenity of Mother Ganga. As soon as I stepped in the Ashram, my opinion and idea came that in the near future ashram will expand across India.

Shree Shankar Dev Tripathi
(Prant Dharmacharya Sahsampark Pramukh,
Kashi Prant Vishwa Hindu Parishad,
Well wishes from us to the great and respected personality of Prayagraj Swami Shree Yogmataji. We wish that in future the Ashram would spread over the whole of India and will publish India’s spiritual power to the World platform. My endless good wishes for you that in good deeds, you keep getting such progress.

Shrimati Mamta Bhaskar
( Jila Sachiv at Bhartiya Janta Party Panipat Haryana)